North-South Partnership (NSP) Ltd: Investment in Africa

North-South Partnership is a Norwegian investment company which goal is to invest in East Africa.

The goal of NSP is to start sustainable business in cooperation with African partners. The company wants to use its competence and financial ability for creating employment possibilities and by that enabel more people to gain a job and an income in the eastern part of Africa. Ethiopia, Kenya and Tanzania will be given priority.


NSP was officially registered as a company in June 2009 . Its business adress is Midsund and its office adress is Skodje. The company is still at an initial stage.


Chairman of the NSP Board is Mr. Odd Kjell Sjovik.

Manager of NSP is Mr. Gunnar Hamnoy.

Office adress is Stampeveien 3, 6260 Skodje, Norway.


Mobile +47 908 65 844

Tel       +47 70 27 53 55




North-South Partnership has at present 25 shareholders, one of whom is from the USA while the others are all Norwegian. NSP Ltd accepted new shareholders on December 7th 2009, and three new partners joined the company. The shareholders are representing different industries and do have a wide range of competence and experience, domestic as well as international.